The People’s Charter for Interpretation

One of the unexpected outcomes of my current research into heritage interpretation and public benefit is that visitors actually tell me what they expect of interpretation.  I didn’t start out with this in mind; perhaps in my own version of researcher’s arrogance it didn’t even occur to me that they would be able to articulate … Continue reading The People’s Charter for Interpretation


So how about interpreting mutual understanding?

Next month I’ll be presenting a paper at the NAI/IE joint conference entitled ‘Interpretation can make us citizens of the world’ in Sweden. I’m really looking forward to what people will say about this topic.  As I’ve reported in my last blog post, only one couple out of the 100+ people I’ve interviewed so far … Continue reading So how about interpreting mutual understanding?

Creative Visitor Surveys: An example

I’m a big fan of gathering people’s views and ideas in a creative way.  Don’t get me wrong: I’m also religious about doing ‘formal’ visitor surveys.  They’re great for capturing evidence and hard data for our decision-makers in an economic fashion, and yes, if we ask the right questions, they will also give us some … Continue reading Creative Visitor Surveys: An example