In 2022 this blog became more broadly about cultural heritage in its widest implications for human societies, and related professional practices.

I come from a Critical Heritage tradition with a professional background in audience development in the heritage and educational sector. The key words for me are power sharing and co-creation.

Consequently, on this blog I write about everything and anything that I find interesting in the above contexts. If you work with people, in a cultural heritage or indeed an educational setting, I hope you will find this blog interesting. If you do, please share it with others.

I post once or twice a month about books and articles that I’ve read, sites I’ve visited, experiences from my own professional practice, and simply general observations that I have along the way.  My hope is that my posts offer a critical perspective and encourage discussion. Please feel free to post a comment.

I am currently Managing Director at the Volkshochschule Aalen e.V.. Before taking on my current role, I was Head of Museums for the City of Oldenburg. Prior to my return to Germany in 2016,  I was a senior consultant in a heritage consultancy in the UK and I worked for several years at museums and heritage sites for local government in England (Audience Development Manager) and Wales (Manager), and for the National Trust for Scotland (Learning and Interpretation Manager). I’ve also worked as a frontline interpreter in the United States.  I hold a PhD in Archaeology/Heritage Studies from University College London.

I used to be the Vice President for Policy of ICOMOS’ International Scientific Committee on Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites and Research Co-ordinator for Interpret Europe.

I am a member of Interpret Europe (Founding Member), the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, Deutscher Museumsbund, and ICOMOS.

To find out more about me, please click here or view my profile on LinkedIn. You can also follow me on Twitter @NicoleDeufel and Instagram @n_deufel.

Thanks for reading my blog,
Nicole Deufel

PS: Anything that I write on this blog represents my own personal opinion and not that of any institution or my employer.

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