A good book on the wall?

Now here's an oxymoron in most interpreters' view: how can any panel that reads like 'a book on the wall' ever be good?  And of course these interpreters are right in pointing out that rows upon rows of text are highly unlikely to be read and they will probably fail to get a memorable and … Continue reading A good book on the wall?


Authentic Interpretation at the Big Pit, Wales

Authenticity is not usually a term we come across in interpretation literature with the exception of writings on costumed interpretation of various kinds [1].   Interpreters tend to treat authenticity as a given: we base our interpretation on sound research and so it must be authentic [2].   However, my recent visit to the Big … Continue reading Authentic Interpretation at the Big Pit, Wales

Re-enactments, Encampments and Interpretation

Last week I received a flurry of press releases about re-enactments and such at various Historic Scotland properties.  Fort George will soon host the 'Colossal Celebration of the Centuries' with displays and presentations that range from Roman times to the 20th century, including a medieval encampment. At Dundonald Castle [1] a medieval day will see … Continue reading Re-enactments, Encampments and Interpretation

The Roma Experience?

I have recently been directed to the virtual Roma exhibition of The European Library, called 'A Roma Journey'. The European Library is effectively a portal to the national libraries of Europe, who have contributed and made available on the website a digitised selection of their treasures.  The exhibitions pull these together thematically. For 'A Roma … Continue reading The Roma Experience?